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Additional Dwelling Units

It's what we do!

Tiny Homes; Additions; Garage Conversions – We have you covered. At Laneway Homes, our knowledgeable team provide us the ability to deliver a high-quality finished product at a competitive cost within a reasonable time-frame.
ADU built in windsor
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ADU Models

What We Build

Our team would be pleased to discuss custom design elements for to match your space and dreams!

Mackenzie ADU
The Mackenzie
StatusReadyTypeHouseArea352 sq. ft.Starting Price$159,000
The Iris Rendering
The Iris
StatusReadyTypeHouseArea430 sq. ft.Bedrooms1Starting Price$169,000
The Cottage Rendering
The Cottage
StatusReadyTypeHouseArea550 sq. ft.Bedrooms1Starting Price$209,000
The Bordeaux Rendering
The Bordeaux
StatusReadyTypeHouseArea650 sq. ft.Bedrooms2Starting Price$244,000
The Oak Rendering
The Oak (Majestic)
StatusReadyTypeHouseArea750 sq. ft.Bedrooms2Starting Price$278,800

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Couple Getting Keys to Home

Exceptional ROI!

Consider the math – there are very few ways you can achieve this type of return on investment with other residential properties!

For Example:

Initial investment to build your ADU: $205,000

Annual Rental Income @$1,850/month: $22,200.00
Annual Costs (1% maintenance & 5% vacancy): $-1,332.00

  • Net Cash: $20,868.00
  • ROI: 10.18%
  • Cap Rate 10.18%

This example assumes your unit is vacancy for 5% of the year – the standard vacancy rate in Windsor Essex (Nov. 2023).

Quality affordable rental units are in extremely high demand in Windsor Essex.

It also assumes only 1% of maintenance fees – given the unit is brand new there should be little to no maintenance fees in the first several years.

Why Build An Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU)

A Laneway Home (aka Tiny Home) has numerous benefits! An ADU is an exceptional way to provide housing for close family members (ie: a child or parent). They are also an excellent source of extra income or investment!

Because you already own the land – you are only paying for the cost of the new build. – thus it significantly reduces your overall investment. The result provides an exceptional Return On Investment (ROI).

porch of additional dwelling unit
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