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Technically, a laneway home is an ADU – or an Additional Dwelling Unit. It is a detached secondary unit on your existing property. Originally it gained popularity on the west coast of Canada, especially in the Metro Vancouver area, but the province of Ontario made them legal in 2018, and now they are a growing reality in Windsor and Essex County! and Essex County!
Yes, the City of Windsor changed their bylaws to reflect the provincial More Homes, More Choice amendments to the Planning Act (more information here: Our homes are all in compliance with the Ontario Building Code. All properties in the city of Windsor need to be in compliance with property-specific by-laws, which we can help you navigate. An overview of the City of Windsor ADU policy can be found here:
Yes – talk to us about financing for select jobs or we will help you navigate the process with your financial institution. We also partner with Libro Credit Union and WFCU to provide our customers great options.
There are several zoning bylaws that come into effect to determine if it’s possible to have a Laneway Home or an ADU. By right, all zoning districts that allow for single family dwellings now permit 2 additional units (one attached and one detached). A lot of factors come into play (like lot coverage, square footage of main dwelling, and required parking), so we are happy to do an initial assessment to determine your property’s buildable area and what’s possible. Send us an email and we can go from there!
Typically, services (electricity, water, and gas) are supplied from the main dwelling. When extending services from the main house, there are many considerations to make sure that the existing services can accommodate the incoming demand. These homes cannot be severed and sold on their own and must be part of the lot with the main dwelling.
Laneway Homes are good for cities. They are good for homeowners, who can invest and create a new income stream or provide space for family members. They are good for renters, as they provide more options at a potentially more affordable rate. They are good for the city, as more cities need to provide density in urban neighbourhoods to avoid the infrastructure and environmental costs of low density sprawl.
  1. Create Extra Income
    Some homeowners use their laneway home to generate income from renters or vacationers as a way to help with their mortgage or to create retirement income.
  2. Boost Property Value
    A property’s resale value can increase well above the cost of building your home, sometimes as much as $100,000.
  3. Improve A Home’s Re-Saleability
    A potential rental unit will make a home more attractive, and affordable, to buyers, especially in certain parts of the city.
  4. Add Affordable Rental Housing
    Laneway homes can provide market-rate rentals in single-family neighbourhoods close to transit, amenities, jobs, and an urban lifestyle. They are one of the most affordable options to create more units with our current market.
  5. Makes Laneways Safer
    With more ‘eyes’ on the lane, Laneway Homes help to elevate alleyways and make them safer and more attractive places.
  6. Retain Neighbourhood Character
    Built in the backyard and designed to look like a small version of the main house, laneway homes don’t affect the curb appeal and character of older single-family neighbourhoods with their lovely tree-lined streets and turn-of-the-century homes.
  7. More Energy Efficient
    Small homes that are built within established neighbourhoods use existing infrastructure and therefore use less resources to add efficient density to our city. Green-build features, energy efficient appliances and heating systems, as well as solar panels can also be added to potentially make these net-zero builds.
Timing and market demands will cause projects to fluctuate – but we will lock your price at the time of deposit. Our base model starts at $169,000 plus tax. This price includes everything from start to finish (excluding landscaping and appliances).
Laneway Homes works with proven and reputable contractors to complete specialty aspects of your project – but our team (employees) of Red Seal carpenters and expert renovators’ complete majority of the work.
We manage the entire process.
For the most part all costs have been included in the price. Should you choose upgrades to our models we will inform you of those costs in advance. Unique building situations (significant encumbrances, additional servicing fees or special requests from the municipality) will be addressed with you at the time of the estimate and approval process. Landscaping costs are not included in our general pricing. Appliances are typically extra (but we offer a very competitive appliance package guaranteed to fit all specifications)
From beginning to end – we manage the entire process and navigate all municipal activities. We’ll keep you informed along the way – but after your approval – there will be very little required of you until we hand you the keys.
Yes, a site survey is included, an estimate will be sent within a week of the appointment.
The average build start (permit approval) to completion is 120 days.
The average rent for an ADU will depend both on its size and location. For instance, a detached, two-bedroom ADU could potentially fetch $2,300 to $2,500 per month in rent. A one-bedroom ADU will likely earn $1,500 – $1,800 per month. To get an accurate idea of how much you can potentially earn by renting out your ADU, you will need to consider the costs of building and maintaining an ADU and then deduct those costs from your rental income.
The HST New Housing rebate is a refund of some of the HST spent on construction for qualified homeowners, who have either built a new home or substantially renovated their existing home. The amount is generally $16,080 but can be lower or higher in certain situations. It applies to all residential housing, either built for a homeowner’s use, or for the use of an immediate family member, and it also applies to laneway homes built for family use or for rental. Please send us a note and we will put you in touch with one of our experts who will help you navigate this process.
We provide a comprehensive warranty equivalent to the Tarion Home warranty program in Ontario.
Yes, you can, contact us for more information.
Appliances are typically extra (but we offer a very competitive appliance package guaranteed to fit all specifications).