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Tiny Homes

A Laneway Home (or a “tiny home”) is a small, private and self-contained dwelling unit complete with:

  • Living and dining areas
  • A kitchen and bathroom facilities
  • Sleeping area/s
  • And, is intended for year-round use.

This structure can be a primary home or a separate structure on a property that already has an existing house. View examples of our Laneway Homes

Laneway Homes will ensure that your new dwelling unit complies with the health and safety requirements of Ontario’s Building Code, municipal zoning and other local by-laws. Each Laneway Home will have necessary servicing such as water and sewage.

Exterior tiny home
Garage conversion windsor

Garage Conversions

Did You Know? The Ontario Planning Act was changed to make building additional residential units on your property easier. Subsection 16(3) of the Planning Act requires municipalities to adopt official plan policies that authorize the use of additional residential units (ARUs) in both the primary residential unit and in another building on the same property (for example, above garages or in coach houses). Allow Laneway Homes to navigate the investigation process to determine if you are able to add on to your existing garage (above) or turn your existing garage into a standalone dwelling unit.


Because the Planning Act was changed to make building additional residential units (ARUs) on your property easier there are multiple options. If you don’t have space for a standalone Laneway Home on your property, you may still be able to create an Additional Dwelling Unit. The Act allows for the creation of an ADU in the primary residential unit plus in another building on the same property. We will work with you to see if your current residence qualifies. Adding on, or creating a new Residential Dwelling Unit in your basement may be an option!

New home addition
Renovated kitchen


Do you have a multi-residential building now? At Laneway Homes we have helped numerous customers create legal Additional Dwelling Units out of their existing space. Talk to us about how to maximize your units value and create additional dwelling units that are in high demand today.